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a row of houses along a street in Oxford UK

New Tax Year Changes for Landlords

The 2019-20 tax year is just around the corner, with the 6th April looming ahead, promising financial changes and tax year changes for all. When it comes around, landlords will see further changes to the tax relief that they can claim, and it’s reductions in that relief that is occurring this year.

row of new build homes in Kent UK

UK First Time Buyers Unfazed by Political and Economic Uncertainty

It’s an oft-lamented fact that home ownership has been in a steady state of decline and that it has become harder and harder for first time buyers to get a foot on the ladder. But the latest statistics seem to challenge this assumed truth. Even in a climate of political and economic uncertainty first time buyers seem to be reaching new heights of enthusiasm with numbers reaching a 12-year high in 2018.