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Quick Fixes for Your Finances

woman saving money into a piggy bank to look after her finances

Worried about your current money situation? Think that you simply don’t have time to fix it? This is common for people everywhere.

However, we know that there are quick and easy ways that you can make sure your finances are in the best shape possible.

With this in mind, we have put together some of the best quick fixes for your finances, all of which only take around 10 minutes of your time.


Give your budget some focus

Finding that your money isn’t quite reaching the end of the month? Maybe you need a budgeting app to help you? These come in a variety of forms. You can simply write things down when you spend, or if you are more tech minded, then there are apps out there to help.

Many of the budget apps will ask you to put in your monthly spending limit, and every time you make a purchase you will add it to the log.

The app will then tell you when you are closing in on your limit and you can reign in the spending.


Check your balance wherever you are

Modern smartphones are amazing. They give you access to the world wide web all from the palm of your hand. This includes your finances. Many banks now give you the ability to check your balance no matter where you are.

Whether it is on the app, online or by telephone, you can keep an eye on what you are spending and make sure that you stay within your bank account limits.


Stick to your rainy day fund

We all have good intentions to put money away every month, however, many of us fail to follow through. One way to make sure that you actually action this is that you set up a direct debit or automatic transfer directly into your savings account. This means that you have put away a fixed sum each and every month.


Pay it direct

There is a good chance that you have monthly bills that you need to pay. Are they all set up on direct debit? If they are not, then it is a good idea to arrange this. This will mean that you know at the beginning of the month how much you have left, not to mention perhaps a discount for making sure that you pay it off each and every month.


Be paperless

You may not realise it, but many banks and utility companies are now charging their customers to send out a paper bill. This means that you could save yourself money simply by stopping the paper bills being sent to you.


Give your credit score the once over

It is thought that around 20% of people who check their credit report see a mistake. This could be having an effect on your rating. Set aside 10 minutes to give your credit score the once over. This can be done online for free, or on a free trial basis, and may just help you in the long run.


Get some cashback when you spend

There are credit cards out there that give you cashback when you make purchases. This should be seen as free cash. The rate of cashback is usually around 3-5% with each and every purchase.

You should try to shop around and see which credit card provider is offering the best deal and you can soon earn money when you buy food, petrol or other treats.


Change your bank

Many people stick with their bank because they think it will be too much hassle to change. This really isn’t the case, in fact, it is easy to check your bank and make a switch. Make sure you have a bank that offers you a good interest rate, that has some great benefits and will charge you the lowest fee. This may have a great effect on your financial standings.

These are just some of the ways that you can make sure that your finances are up together.

It need not take you hours and hours to make sure that you are making the most of your money. In fact, all it may take is a cup of tea, a packet of biscuits and 10 minutes set aside.

You may just find yourself surprised by what you can achieve in such a short period of time.