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Have a Thrifty Christmas with our Top Festive Money Saving Tips

woman opening a Christmas present

Christmas is expensive. With so many presents to buy, food to get and social events to attend, the costs can mount up.

It is easy to make some savings during the festive season and we have put together some of the best ways to cut your spending.


Make and bake

Are you a creative person that loves making and baking things? If you are, then why not make the most of these talents? There are plenty of ideas that you can find online, especially in places such as Pinterest. Giving you the perfect inspiration to create some homemade gifts that everyone is sure to love.


Use your credit card for the big purchases

Buying something that is expensive. Your credit card may be the best option. Not only could this spread out the cost and maybe even give you cashback, but it could protect you too. The Consumer Credit Act means that the credit card company (along with the supplier) is jointly liable to refund the purchase cost of the item if it fails to arrive or is not in working order.


Arrange a Secret Santa

Do you have a large family or group of friends? If you do, then you may want to consider arranging a Secret Santa. This means that rather than everyone forking out for gifts, you simply draw one name out of a hat. This way everyone gets a gift, and as you are only buying for one person, you can afford to splash out on them a little more.


Use all your gift vouchers

You may be surprised to learn that it is thought that UK wastes around £240m on un-cashed gift cards. So, make sure that you use yours during the festive season. Not only this, but be mindful of your loyalty points or discount coupons. Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury’s all offer a loyalty service for their customers which could help reduce how much you have to spend.


Shop around for food

Christmas dinner can be one of the most expensive meals of the year, especially if you are cooking for a large number of people. Make sure you set aside some time to compare the leading supermarkets and see who is the cheapest. That way, you can cut down how much that festive trolley is going to set you back.


Get some cashback

We have already seen that your credit card can give you cash back on your Christmas purchases. However, this isn’t the only way to get some rewards. There are a variety of cashback websites that you can use. These include Quido and Topcashback.  Both of these sites give you a percentage of the purchase back directly to your bank account when you buy through them. Meaning that you can save yourself some cash.


Treat yourself with your tree

Big name retailer Ikea has a rather special treat come Christmas. If you buy a real Christmas tree from of their stores, then you will receive a £20 voucher to spend there in return. As their Christmas trees are only £25 in the first place, this is a great reward.


Send out your post early

Sending out cards and presents can be incredibly expensive, especially if you send them out at the last minute. If you plan in to send out your post early, then you can send it out second class. This could result in you saving around £9 for every 100 cards. A big saving if you have a lot of friends or families to send out to.


Look out for great deals

Buying presents for your family can be one of the biggest expenses, especially for those with children. Many big retailers such as Argos offer 3 for 2 on toys during the lead up to Christmas, so make sure that you keep an eye out for these deals and grab the bargains as and when they crop up.

These are just some of the ways that you can save money at Christmas. There are a whole host of other ideas that you can put in place to keep the costs down.

Why not see what changes you can put in place this festive season? Hopefully they can help to minimise the rather bleak outlook that it seems January brings.